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Nutrition and Wellness 


🍃 Welcome to AllieB Health and Wellness 🍃

~   Your life is about to change ~

You are here because you want to feel better!

You've come to the right place!

You're tired of not feeling well, and you're tired of tests,

with no real answers or solutions.

~That all changes right now.~

Eating nutrient-dense food provides your body

with what it needs to get back to

balance and optimal health. 


Food is your body's fuel. 

Your body needs the right foods to repair and to maintain health. 

🍃~Give your  body the right food. 

It makes all the difference.~  🍃


You will be guided and encouraged every step of the way.  You will feel better, have more energy, will be able to lose weight, have a healthy blood sugar and blood pressure, among many other positive results.

It's easier than you think!  And, you will wish you had done this ages ago!  Feel better now!

Let's Get Started on your  journey to health! 

Waiting will change nothing. 

You won't feel any better tomorrow

or the next day, or the day after that.

Change your life for the better!

Schedule your Initial Consultation!

The most cost-effective and preventative form of 

Healthcare is Nutrition and Lifestyle, as well as Mindset. And you'll find it all right here!

🍃~Your Life-long Health is worth it.~ 🍃 

Appointments are convenient using phone or zoom consultations.

Start your health journey!

Schedule your 60 minute Initial Consultation with my summer health special for $99 (regularly $249)


~ Allie I. Boeselager, RDH, NTP

Nutrition Therapy Practitioner


Improve Your Health Today!
  • First step to a healthy YOU! 🍃

    45 min
    139 US dollars
  • Becoming the healthiest version of YOU! 🍃

    30 min
    Pkg. Price Options

    Allie Boeselager, RDH, NTP
  Nutrition Therapy Practitioner

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