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Celebrating the people who transformed their lives with the guidance of AllieB Health and Wellness®🍃

AllieB Health and Wellness®  optimizes your health by guiding you in taking steps towards a healthier YOU!  Have more energy and feel better than you have in years. Contact Allie for a complimentary meet and greet, via phone, to get a broad overview of Allie's personalized plan for you.

“I decided to lower my cholesterol by changing my lifestyle.  A year later, my doctor sent a letter, 'Your cholesterol has gone down 90 points,  Great job!  Keep doing whatever you're doing.' That was the start of my health journey." 

/// Allie B.

“AllieB Health and Wellness is my go-to for any health or nutritional information or health tips. Allie is an energetic woman and is always positive and upbeat in my consults with her!" 

/// Stephanie N.

“Allie has a passion for health and wellness and is eager to share this great information with her clients.  She is knowledgeable in many areas and likes to educate people on all aspects of healthy living.  Allie always encourages people to be the best and healthiest version of themselves!"

/// Kari M.

“Allie has so much information to share.  She can help so many people.  We live in a day and age where it's such a challenge to to eat and stay healthy.  Allie's discussions with me and her articles are full of great information and suggestions.  As they say, 'Knowledge is power."

/// Barb P.

"I can't believe how much energy I have.  I feel great!"

/// Bob T.

/// Anonymous

"After 20 years of trying to get my blood sugars under control they are finely normal!    

My son hasn't had a normal bowel movement in six years,  He's doing so well now!"  

/// Bishop B.

"Thank you for all your work and all your help!"  

/// Tina R,

"I was so overweight I could barely walk, but now I can walk!"   

/// Anonymous

"Even though I tested positive for Lyme's disease on two different tests, my doctor is amazed I have no symptoms.  Thanks to Allie!"  

/// Mike B.

"My son has lost 20 pounds following your advise!"

/// Teri E.

"You're going to make me cry. Thank you so, so much for everything!  I appreciate it more than you will ever know."  

/// Tonya P.

"Thank you, Allie.  You're really, really good at what you do." 

/// LaVonne Y.

"Wow, I feel I got ripped off from my doctor. I appreciate everything you do."

/// Renee U.

"You've done more for me in this short time than my doctor has in all   the years I've been going to her."  

/// Lori M.

"You're passion and exuberance comes forth in all you say.  I can tell you really care about your patients."

/// Robert T.

"This is exactly what I've been looking for.  Thank you." 

/// Eli S.

"You've helped me so much. Thank you."  

/// Maria K.

"I''m not dizzy any more, and I'm not tired any more, and my digestion is great.  I feel so much better!"  

/// C.O.

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