• 1 live probiotic-rich Kombucha SCOBY with 1/2 C. strong starter tea 
  • Made with delicate-tasting organic Oolong tea 
  • Made with all organic ingredients and filtered water 
  • SCOBY color and size varies (approx. 3" diameter and 1/4" thick)
  • This will make 1 quart of kombucha (tea, sugar, and glass container not included) 
  • Instructions included
  • Options available to make larger quantities



Kombucha SCOBY

SKU: KS-010203040001
  • When your SCOBY with starter tea arrives, you will want to remove the SCOBY and starter liquid from the packaging and place in a glass container.  Proceed to make your kombuca recipe as soon as possible, as your new SCOBY is living and will need to be taken care of by feeding in order to stay healthy and be able to produce delcious and probiotic-rich kombucha for you!  Enjoy!

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